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Portions serve up to 20 guests or more. Our pans are all standard-sized for sterno use, making them ideal for either home parties or banquet halls. Contact via email or call us at 219-922-8889, or fax THE ORDER FORM to 219-922-0418. Full-service catering can be provided on site. For personal, one-on-one assistance with all of your menu planning, please meet with us at your convenience any Sunday between 4:00pm and 11:00pm.

Double Line
Quantity and Price
bread & bread spreads
itaLian Filone bRead (loaf) 3
Roasted Red peppeR pesto (pint) 7
oLiVe tapenade (pint) 8
saLsa CRuda (pint) 5
Olives (pint) 8
Bruschetta Loaf 10
house romaine, tomato, onion, mushrooms, balsamic vinaigrette 30
peasant cucumbers, tomato, red onions, red wine vinaigrette 35
CapRese fresh mozzarella, tomato, onions, basil vinaigrette, olives 50
CaLamaRi tomato, onions, celery, olives, garlic, lemon, virgin olive oil 60
gRiLLed VegetabLe tRay balsamic demi-glace 45
bRaised itaLian sausage peppers and onions (40 pieces) 60
meatbaLLs baked in tomato sauce (50 pieces) 60
antipasti classic italian meats, cheeses, vegetables 60
stuffed mushRooms sausage & spinach (20 pieces) 50
gRiLLed eggpLant & goat cheese rolls (25 pieces) 50
WiLd mushRoom stRudeL (20 pieces) 60
Lasagne beef & ricotta cheese filling 90
penne CasseRoLe pasta quills, tomato sauce, mozzarella 60
penne CasseRoLe pasta quills, meat sauce, mozzarella 70
Rigatoni saRdi rich tomato sauce, ground sausage, mushrooms 70
penne primavera 60
penne porcini mushroom cream sauce 80
home made CanneLLoni (20 pieces) 80
gnocchi spinach & ricotta, gorgonzola cream 80
shRimp & seasheLLs asparagus, tomato-vodka cream 95
Roasted Lamb shank red wine, onions, potatoes, natural juices 180
ChiCken VesuVio alla Romana (50 pieces) 90
ChiCken Cacciatore (50 pieces) 90
chicken breast marsala/limone/stuffed (20 pieces) 100
stuffed eggpLant (25 pieces) 75
poRk ossobuCo celery, carrots, onion & tomato 120
Risotto roasted chicken, porcini, parmesan or vegetable 80
escarole 30
Roasted gaRLiC mashed potatoes 30
mixed VegetabLe saute 40
tiRamisù 45
ZuCcotto 45
CannoLi (12 pieces) Large 48
CannoLi (12 pieces) Mini 24
CheeseCake 30
fLouRLess ChoCoLate pinWheeL Cake 35
appLe stRudeL 40
Homemade Amaretto Cookies 35
Party Tray stuffed strawberries, mini cannoli, amaretto cookies, biscotti 48

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